Sunday, September 20, 2015

Event: Seattle Craft Chocolate Week

Craft Chocolate Week is a new series of events coordinated around the huge presence of artisan chocolate makers in Seattle during the Northwest Chocolate Festival. There are five limited attendance events to provide a more intimate and interactive experience than the crowded activities of a typical chocolate festival. Barbie Van Horn of Finding Fine Chocolate has generously given us four promo codes to share with you for discounts at these events.

  • Tue, Sep. 29: Wine and Chocolate Pairing with Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor at Chocolat Vitale. Taste a flight of three French wines from H Wines paired with three bean to bar chocolates. Talk with Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor of Dick Taylor Chocolate. $20 after $10 off promo code vitale.
  • Wed, Sep. 30: New Cacao Origin with David Menkes and Tesla Test Rides at Seattle Tesla. Taste a new origin of cacao and converse with David Menkes of LetterPress. Meet the farm manager who grows this rare cacao. Take a test ride in a Tesla. $25 after $15 off promo code tesla.
  • Mon, Oct 5: Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairing with Clay Gordon at Kakao. Learn how to pair beer and chocolate using the concept of simultaneous contrast with Clay Gordon of The Chocolate Life. $25 after $25 off promo code kakao.
  • Fri, Oct 9: Coffee and Chocolate Pairing with Aaron Barthel of Intrigue Chocolate. Taste pairings of chocolate and coffee, and enjoy Aaron Barthel's French style truffles. $25 after $5 off promo code intrigue.
  • Sat, Oct 10: Understanding Craft Chocolate with Rob Anderson at Chocolat Vitale. Experience chocolate at different stages of production to learn about the steps of chocolate-making with Rob Anderson of Fresco. Taste how origin, roasting, and recipes affect the flavors of chocolate. $25.
You can purchase tickets for each of these events on the Craft Chocolate Week website until they are sold out.