Best Chocolates Overall

Our overall rating scale goes from 1.0 (worst) to 10.0 (best). We do not consider price as a criterion in evaluating chocolate on this site. Our ratings and rankings are independent of price. For price consideration, please look at our permanent Best Chocolate Values page that sorts primarily based on price (and secondarily on overall rating).

The following list is a summary of our chocolate reviews with overall ratings of 8.0 or higher. You can click on the chocolate bar name to go directly to the associated most recent detailed review. Note that we consider chocolate bars with ratings of 7.0 or higher to be excellent, but only those rated 8.0 or higher make it onto this Best page.

Chocolate BarLindy's ratingRichard's rating$/ounce
Rogue Hispaniola10.0 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$3.30
Bonnat Chuao10.0 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$2.83
Domori Cacao Teyuna9.5 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$3.96
Amedei Porcelana[10.0 (favorite)]9.0 (favorite)$10.49
Amano Dos Rios[9.5 (favorite)]9.0 (favorite)$3.48
Amano MadagascarN/A9.0 (favorite)$3.48
Rogue Sambirano[9.5]9.0 (favorite)$3.78
Fresco 210 Jamaica9.5 (favorite)9.0$4.96
Domori Chuao Hacienda San José9.09.5 (favorite)$7.93
Santander Colombian 65%9.5 (favorite)9.0$1.52
Amedei Chuao[10.0 (favorite)]8.5$9.07
Amedei Toscano Black 639.59.0$3.69
Domori Porcelana[9.5 (favorite)]8.5$7.93
Rogue Piura9.09.0 (favorite)$4.25
Bonnat Porcelana9.5 (favorite)8.5$6.22
Askinosie San Jose Del Tambo9.09.0 (favorite)$2.67
Valrhona Gran Couva9.09.0$3.02
Patric Madagascar 75%9.08.5$3.48
Dick Taylor Belize ToledoN/A8.5$3.75
Patric Rio Caribe Superior9.08.5$3.48
Santander Colombian 70%9.08.5$1.62
Amedei 98.58.5$5.67
Valrhona Grand Cru Manjari8.58.5$2.83
Askinosie Cortés Honduras8.58.5$2.67
Coppeneur Chuao8.58.5$4.51
Amano Ocumare8.58.0$3.48
Amedei Cru Venezuela8.58.0$4.25
Taza Stone Ground 70%8.58.0$2.17
Kallari 75% Cacao8.58.0$2.41
Fresco 213 Dominican Republic8.58.0$4.96
Rogue Balao 75%N/A8.0$6.14
Fresco 212 Dominican RepublicN/A8.0$4.96
Francois Pralus Madagascar8.08.0$2.27
Fresco 214 Madagascar8.08.0$4.96
Michel Cluizel Los Anconès8.08.0$2.83
Fresco 219 Papua New GuineaN/A8.0$4.41
Fresco 222 Papua New GuineaN/A8.0$4.41
Michel Cluizel Mangaro 65%8.08.0$2.83
Michel Cluizel Maralumi 64%8.08.0$1.98
Moonstruck Fortunato No. 48.08.0$6.00
Original Beans Piura Porcelana8.08.0$3.64
Dandelion Upala Costa Rica8.08.0$4.00
Pacari Piura QuemazónN/A8.0N/A
El Ceibo Heritage 75%N/A8.0$2.83
Amano Chuao8.08.0$4.98
Amano Montanya8.08.0$4.48
Madre Hawi, Hawai'i criolloN/A8.0$6.67
Valrhona Ampamakia8.08.0$3.02
Domori Il 100% CriolloN/A8.0$8.22
Zotter Labooko Peru 100%N/A8.0$3.24
Grenada 82%8.08.0$1.53
TCHO Fruity$2.74
Cacao Sampaka La JoyaN/A8.0$3.97
Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66%N/A8.0$2.83
Valrhona El PedregalN/A8.0$4.05
Mast Brothers Dominican Republic8.08.0$2.80
Bonnat Libânio BrésilN/A8.0$3.97
Zotter Labooko Raw Chocolate 80%8.57.5$3.03