Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Domori Chuao Hacienda San José

Lindy's Rating: 9.0 (previously ***)
Richard's Rating: 9.5 (previously ***)

chocolate makerDomori
plantationSan José
cacao treesCriollo
size25g ~ 0.9oz
cocoa solids70%
added fat(none)
sweetenercane sugar
other ingredients(none)
list priceN/A

colormedium brown
PANTONE 19-1317
Bitter Chocolate
texturesmooth with text imprints
aromaearthy (musty, straw), floral, nut (roasted almond), spice, berry
tastefruit (tropical, pineapple, papaya, raisin), honey, tart, cream, hint of nut
finishvery slightly acidic
Domori Chuao Hacienda San José is another chocolate bar made from Criollo cacao beans from Venezuela. It is a plantation bar, with all of its beans coming from Hacienda San José. The chocolate has only 70% cocoa solids and 30% cane sugar for ingredients. It comes in a tiny 25 gram bar (less than an ounce) that is scored into 4 pieces, each with a Domori imprint.

The color of this chocolate was different from the other Chuaos we've reviewed (they were all different shades of Bracken). Domori Chuao was closer to Bitter Chocolate (PANTONE 19-1317) in color. The bar had a hard snap.

Chuao San José gave off a complex aroma, with scents of earthy must and straw (or perhaps hay), something floral, nuts in the form of roasted almond, spice we didn't identify, and non-specific berry.

The flavors we tasted were similarly interesting, including tropical fruits that Lindy identified as pineapple and papaya. I noticed some honey and cream. Lindy found some tartness. We both also experienced raisin and a hint of nut.

This bar had a wonderful creamy texture as it melted. The flavor lasted about 15-20 seconds after the chocolate was gone, leaving it near the middle of a short length. The finish was minimal as the flavor just faded away, leaving only a very slightly acidic aftertaste.

Lindy and I both like Chuaos, and this was no exception. In comparison with the other Chuaos we've reviewed, Domori fits in as 4th:
  1. Amedei
  2. Bonnat
  3. Coppeneur
  4. Domori
  5. Amano
Overall, we both rated Domori Chuao a high ***, and it made it onto our respective lists of 10 favorite bars: 10th on Lindy's and 8th on mine. As Lindy put it, "If I liked the flavor more, this would be ****."

Domori does not provide a list price for Chauo Hacienda San José. This bar costs $6.99 at Chocolopolis. It is not currently listed in their online catalog, but I'm confident you could order it from them by phone at (206) 282-0776.

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