Best Chocolate Values

We do not consider price as a criterion in evaluating chocolate on this site. Our ratings and rankings are independent of price.

However, we recognize that price is relevant and have always posted a list price for any chocolates that have them. For those that don't, we include a reference price for purchasing them online in the text of the review. To see the most recent full review, simply click on the name of the chocolate bar.

The following is a summary of the relative price points of the chocolate bars we've reviewed, in terms of [U.S.] dollars per ounce.

Chocolate BarLindy's ratingRichard's rating$/ounce
Trader Joe's 72% Dark Chocolate (500g)3.04.0$0.28
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate (500g)3.04.0$0.28
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Lover's[2.0]5.5$0.42
Trader Joe's Swiss 72% Dark5.55.5$0.56
Trader Joe's Fair Trade Organic 72% BelgianN/A5.5$0.56
Trader Joe's Fair Trade Swiss Dark5.05.0$0.56
Trader Joe's 73% Super Dark4.03.0$0.56
Botticelli 70% CacaoN/A5.0$0.67
Valrhona Cacao Pâte Extra (bulk)6.56.5$0.76
Valrhona Manjari Pure Pate (bulk)8.07.5$0.85
Valrhona Araguani Pure Pate (bulk)6.56.5$0.85
Hägeland Uganda6.06.0$0.85
Hägeland Costa RicaN/A5.5$0.85
Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%N/A5.5$0.85
Valrhona Le Noir Extra Amer 85%N/A5.0$0.85
Chocolove Strong Dark 70%N/A6.0$0.97
Chocolove Extra Strong Dark 77%N/A5.5$0.97
Chocolove Rich Dark 65%N/A5.5$0.97
Guylian Extra Dark6.05.5$0.99
Endangered Species Supreme Dark8.05.5$1.00
Endangered Species Extreme Dark3.05.0$1.00
Spartak Bitter Elite Aerated 72%N/A4.0$1.00
Green & Black's Dark 70%4.05.5$1.07
Green & Black's Dark 85%3.04.0$1.07
Newman's Own Super Dark6.06.0$1.11
Ghirardelli Twilight Delight5.05.0$1.12
Lindt Excellence 85%5.05.0$1.12
Lindt Excellence 70%[4.5]5.0$1.12
Lindt Excellence 90%N/A4.5$1.12
Divine 70% DarkN/A5.5$1.13
Godiva Dark5.55.5$1.13
Divine 85% DarkN/A5.0$1.13
Godiva Extra Dark Santo Domingo3.05.0$1.13
Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie5.05.0$1.24
Alter Eco™ Dark Blackout3.03.0$1.24
Theo Ultimate Dark 85%7.06.0$1.33
Theo Rich Dark 70%5.55.5$1.33
L'Amourette Chocolat NoirN/A6.5$1.36
L'Amourette Carenero SuperiorN/A7.5$1.42
Pascha 70% CacaoN/A7.0$1.42
Pascha 85% CacaoN/A5.5$1.42
E. Guittard TsaratanaN/A7.0$1.45
E. Guittard Quetzalcoatl5.56.0$1.45
E. Guittard Nocturne5.05.0$1.45
Santander Colombian 65%9.5 (favorite)9.0$1.52
Grenada 82%8.08.0$1.53
Grenada 100%N/A7.0$1.53
Grenada 71%N/A7.0$1.53
Santander Colombian 70%9.08.5$1.62
Theo Madagascar7.57.5$1.67
Taza Cacao Puro 70%6.06.0$1.67
Theo Costa Rica5.05.0$1.67
Moho Dark 67%N/A5.5$1.92
E. Guittard Ambanja7.58.0$1.95
E. Guittard Chucuri7.07.5$1.95
E. Guittard Quevedo6.56.5$1.95
E. Guittard Sur del LagoN/A6.0$1.95
Michel Cluizel Maralumi 64%8.08.0$1.98
Moho Plain Dark 72%N/A6.5$1.98
Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda5.56.0$1.98
Republica del Cacao Los Rios5.05.0$1.98
Taza Wicked DarkN/A6.5$2.00
Mindo 77%6.56.0$2.06
Mindo 67%6.56.0$2.06
Escazú Carenero, VenezuelaN/A6.0$2.12
Taza Stone Ground 70%8.58.0$2.17
Taza Stone Ground 60%6.56.5$2.17
Taza Stone Ground 80%6.06.0$2.17
Taza Stone Ground 87%5.55.0$2.17
Republica del Cacao Manabi6.06.0$2.26
Madécasse 80%7.06.0$2.26
Madécasse 75%N/A6.0$2.26
Madécasse 70%N/A5.5$2.26
Francois Pralus Madagascar8.08.0$2.27
Francois Pralus Indonésie 7.57.5$2.27
Francois Pralus Colombie7.07.0$2.27
Francois Pralus Le 100%[7.5]6.5$2.27
Francois Pralus Djakarta7.06.0$2.27
Francois Pralus Ghana5.05.0$2.27
Escazú Guapiles, Costa Rica8.07.5$2.30
Kallari 75% Cacao8.58.0$2.41
Zotter Labooko Belize Special 72%N/A7.0$2.41
Kallari 70% Cacao7.57.0$2.41
Kallari 85% Cacao5.55.0$2.41
Marou Dong Nai 72%N/A7.0$2.55
Marou Ba Ria 76%N/A7.0$2.55
Marou Ben Tre 78%N/A7.0$2.55
Marou Tien Giang 70%N/A6.5$2.55
Marou Lam Dong 74%N/A6.0$2.55
Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%7.07.0$2.60
Askinosie San Jose Del Tambo9.09.0 (favorite)$2.67
Askinosie Cortés Honduras8.58.5$2.67
Askinosie Tenende Tanzania7.57.5$2.67
Askinosie Davao PhilippinesN/A6.5$2.67
Francois Pralus Caracas7.06.0$2.69
Francois Pralus Papouasie6.56.5$2.69
TCHO Fruity$2.74
TCHO Citrus8.07.5$2.74
TCHO Nutty$2.74
TCHO Chocolatey6.05.5$2.74
Daniel Les Origines Trinidad 65%N/A5.5$2.74
Daniel Les Origines Sao Tome 70%N/A5.5$2.79
Mast Brothers Dominican Republic8.08.0$2.80
Mast Brothers Madagascar7.57.5$2.80
Mast Brothers Brooklyn Blend7.07.0$2.80
Bonnat Chuao10.0 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$2.83
Valrhona Grand Cru Manjari8.58.5$2.83
Michel Cluizel MokayaN/A8.0$2.83
Michel Cluizel Los Anconès8.08.0$2.83
Michel Cluizel Mangaro 65%8.08.0$2.83
El Ceibo Heritage 75%N/A8.0$2.83
Bonnat 100% Cacao7.57.0$2.83
Valrhona Grand Cru Caraїbe7.07.5$2.83
Michel Cluizel Concepcion7.57.0$2.83
Valrhona Grand Cru Taїnori7.57.0$2.83
Bonnat ÉquateurN/A7.0$2.83
Bonnat Madagascar7.07.0$2.83
Bonnat Puerto Cabello Venezuela7.07.0$2.83
Valrhona Grand Cru Abinao 85%6.06.0$2.83
Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario6.06.0$2.83
Bonnat Trinité5.05.5$2.83
Snake & Butterfly Benjamin's 62% Blend7.57.0$2.86
Snake & Butterfly Benjamin's 76% Blend7.06.5$2.86
Lillie Belle Farms Perfect Illusion 65%N/A7.5$2.95
Lillie Belle Farms Dark Star 80%N/A6.0$2.95
Lillie Belle Farms Purple Haze 75%N/A6.0$2.95
Fearless Dark as Midnight7.06.5$3.00
Valrhona Gran Couva9.09.0$3.02
Valrhona Ampamakia8.08.0$3.02
Valrhona Palmira6.07.0$3.02
Zotter Labooko Raw Chocolate 80%8.57.5$3.03
Valrhona Guanaja 70%N/A7.5$3.03
Valrhona Andoa 70%N/A6.5$3.03
Chapon Venezuela4.05.0$3.06
Lake Champlain Blue Bandana Guatemala 70%N/A6.5$3.08
Pacari Esmeraldas 60%N/A6.5$3.11
Pacari Los Rios 72%N/A6.5$3.11
Pacari Manabi 65%N/A6.0$3.11
Stirs the Soul Honey Dark7.57.0$3.20
Stirs the Soul Dark Chocolate (agave)N/A6.0$3.20
Stirs the Soul Blissful Dark (dates)N/A6.0$3.20
Raaka Ecuador 85% DarkN/A5.5$3.20
Nova Monda Green Label 75%N/A6.5$3.22
Nova Monda Gold Label 80%N/A6.0$3.22
Indahphoria Dominican Republic6.55.5$3.23
Zotter Labooko Peru 100%N/A8.0$3.24
Zotter Labooko Brasilien 70%N/A7.0$3.24
Zotter Labooko Papua Neuguinea 75%N/A6.5$3.24
Zotter Labooko High-End 96%5.56.0$3.27
Rogue Hispaniola10.0 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$3.30
Rogue Rio Caribe7.57.5$3.30
Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99%6.08.0$3.31
Ethereal MadagascarN/A6.0$3.33
Coppeneur Menavava7.07.0$3.37
Coppeneur Hacienda Iara 100%4.56.0$3.37
Pacari Piura QuemazónN/A8.0N/A
Pacari Raw 70%N/A7.5$3.40
Cacao Sampaka XoconuscoN/A7.5$3.40
Kallari SACHA Sisa's Secret 70%N/A7.0$3.40
Pacari Nube / CloudN/A7.0N/A
Kallari SACHA Roberto's Recipe 75%N/A7.0$3.40
Pacari Raw 85%N/A7.0$3.40
Pacari Raw 100%N/A7.0$3.40
Kallari SACHA Sinchi Supreme 85%N/A6.5$3.40
SOMA Arcana 100%N/A7.5$3.46
Amano Dos Rios[9.5 (favorite)]9.0 (favorite)$3.48
Amano MadagascarN/A9.0 (favorite)$3.48
Patric Madagascar 75%9.08.5$3.48
Patric Rio Caribe Superior9.08.5$3.48
Amano Ocumare8.58.0$3.48
Patric Madagascar 67%N/A7.5$3.48
Amano Morobe7.57.5$3.48
Amano Guayas7.07.5$3.48
Tejas ValeroN/A7.5$3.50
Original Beans Piura Porcelana8.08.0$3.64
Amedei Toscano Black 639.59.0$3.69
Amedei Toscano Black 705.56.0$3.69
Dick Taylor Belize ToledoN/A8.5$3.75
Dick Taylor BoliviaN/A6.0$3.75
Moonstruck Dominican Republic5.06.0$3.75
Moonstruck Venezuela5.05.0$3.75
Rogue Sambirano[9.5]9.0 (favorite)$3.78
Åkesson's Madagascar Ambolikapiky 75%N/A6.5$3.78
Åkesson's Bali Sukrama Farms 75%N/A6.5$3.78
Åkesson's Brazil Fazenda Sempre Firme 75%N/A6.0$3.78
Stirs the Soul Origins MadagascarN/A6.5$3.79
Stirs the Soul Origins EcuadorN/A6.0$3.79
Meadowlands Dominican RepublicN/A6.5$3.80
Meadowlands Wild Harvest BoliviaN/A6.0$3.80
Meadowlands PeruN/A6.0$3.80
Meadowlands VenezuelaN/A5.5$3.80
Domori Cacao Teyuna9.5 (favorite)9.5 (favorite)$3.96
Amedei Toscano Black 66N/A6.5$3.96
Cacao Sampaka La JoyaN/A8.0$3.97
Bonnat Libânio BrésilN/A8.0$3.97
Bonnat CubaN/A6.5$3.97
Bonnat Cacao Cusco PérouN/A5.0$3.97
Dandelion Upala Costa Rica8.08.0$4.00
Dandelion Sambirano Madagascar8.07.5$4.00
Dick Taylor Madagascar SambiranoN/A7.0$4.00
Dick Taylor Ecuador Camino VerdeN/A7.0$4.00
Dandelion Ocumare VenezuelaN/A7.0$4.00
Dandelion Elvesia Dominican RepublicN/A7.0$4.00
Dick Taylor Dominican Finca ElvesiaN/A7.0$4.00
Mast Brothers Grand Cru Chuao 76%7.06.5$4.00
Dandelion Patanemo, VenezuelaN/A6.5$4.00
Dandelion Maya Mountain, BelizeN/A6.5$4.00
Dandelion ColombiaN/A6.5$4.00
Potomac Upala 70%N/A6.5$4.00
Dandelion Rio Caribe VenezuelaN/A6.5$4.00
Dandelion Mantuano Venezuela[6.0]6.0$4.00
Potomac Upala 82%N/A5.5$4.00
Mast Brothers Grand Cru Chuao 81%5.55.5$4.00
Mast Brothers Grand Cru Chuao 70%4.54.5$4.00
Valrhona El PedregalN/A8.0$4.05
Rogue Piura9.09.0 (favorite)$4.25
Amedei Cru Venezuela8.58.0$4.25
Fresco 219 Papua New GuineaN/A8.0$4.41
Fresco 222 Papua New GuineaN/A8.0$4.41
Fresco 220 Papua New GuineaN/A7.5$4.41
Fresco 221 Papua New GuineaN/A7.0$4.41
Fine & Raw 78%5.05.5$4.46
Amano Montanya8.08.0$4.48
Amano Cuyagua7.07.0$4.48
Ritual MadagascarN/A7.5$4.50
Ritual BelizeN/A7.0$4.50
Ritual BalaoN/A6.5$4.50
Chocolate Conspiracy Dark BarN/A6.0$4.50
Ritual Costa Rica[5.0]6.0$4.50
Coppeneur Chuao8.58.5$4.51
Gnosis Dazzling DarkN/A5.5$4.68
Gnosis SimplicityN/A5.0$4.68
Fresco 210 Jamaica9.5 (favorite)9.0$4.96
Fresco 213 Dominican Republic8.58.0$4.96
Fresco 212 Dominican RepublicN/A8.0$4.96
Fresco 214 Madagascar8.08.0$4.96
Fresco 215 MadagascarN/A7.0$4.96
Fresco 216 MadagascarN/A7.0$4.96
Fresco 217 ChuaoN/A7.0$4.96
Fresco 218 ChuaoN/A7.0$4.96
Fresco 211 GhanaN/A6.0$4.96
Amano Chuao8.08.0$4.98
Dandelion Butuo, LiberiaN/A6.0$5.00
Fresco 223 Dominican RepublicN/A7.5$5.04
Fresco 224 Dominican RepublicN/A7.0$5.04
Fresco 225 PeruN/A7.0$5.04
Fresco 226 PeruN/A6.5$5.04
Fruition 100% Dark PeruN/A6.0$5.19
Bar au Chocolat Sambirano Valley, MadagascarN/A7.0$5.23
Bar au Chocolat Duarte Province, Dominican RepublicN/A7.0$5.23
Bar au Chocolat Chiapas, MexicoN/A7.0$5.23
Madre Hawaiian7.07.0$5.33
Amedei 98.58.5$5.67
Moonstruck Fortunato No. 48.08.0$6.00
Dandelion Papua New Guinea7.57.5$6.00
Dandelion Camino Verde, Ecuador 100%N/A7.0$6.00
Rogue BalaoN/A8.0$6.14
Rogue SilvestreN/A7.5$6.14
Bonnat Porcelana9.5 (favorite)8.5$6.22
SOMA Black Science Bachelor's HallN/A7.5$6.24
Madre Hamakua pod-to-barN/A7.0$6.67
Fresco 231 Marañón Peru 100%N/A7.0$6.80
Claudio Corallo 100% Puro CacauN/A5.0$7.09
Madre Hawi, Hawai'i criolloN/A8.0$7.33
Madre Kona, Hawai'i, Likao Kula FarmN/A7.0$7.33
Rogue JamaicaN/A7.5$7.56
Domori Porcelana[9.5 (favorite)]8.5$7.93
Domori Chuao Hacienda San José9.09.5 (favorite)$7.93
Domori Il 100% CriolloN/A8.0$8.22
Rogue PorcelanaN/A7.5$8.50
Amedei Chuao[10.0 (favorite)]8.5$9.07
Amedei Porcelana[10.0 (favorite)]9.0 (favorite)$10.49