Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Patric Madagascar 67%

Richard's Rating: 7.5
chocolate makerPatric
barMadagascar 67%
cacao trees(unknown)
size65g ~ 2.3oz
cocoa solids67%
added fatcocoa butter
sweetenercane sugar
other ingredients(none)
list price$7.99
colormedium brown
PANTONE 19-1431
texturematte, smooth, imprint
aromaroast (cocoa), earth, fruit (raisin, berry), dairy, vinegar
tastesweet (molasses), roast (cocoa), dairy, fruit (plum, berry, citrus, raisin)
finishsomewhat acidic, slightly tannin
U.S. chocolate maker Patric currently hand-crafts nine bean to bar chocolate bars. Three of them are unflavored single origin bars: Rio Caribe Superior 70%, Madagascar 75%, and Madagascar 67%.

Maker and owner Alan McClure sourced the cacao beans for this bar from the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar. The other ingredients were cane sugar and cocoa butter. The chocolate contained 67% cocoa solids. The unscored 65 gram bar came in sealed plastic inside a paper envelope. The best before date was 15 December 2012.

The chocolate had a medium brown Fudgesickle (PANTONE 19-1431) color. The surface of the bar was matte, with just a few flecks of adhered chocolate and a minimal amount of scuffing. The sheen on the bottom revealed swirls from the pour. The bar had a hard snap.

Madagascar 67% gave off an aroma that included roast, earth, fruit, dairy, and vinegar. The roast was mostly cocoa, and the fruit contained raisin and berry scents.

The taste was unsurprisingly sweet, with a molasses flavor. The cocoa roast and dairy from the aroma were also present. Fruit came out in flavors of plum, berry, citrus, and raisin.

The chocolate had a smooth melt that was nearly more smooth. The length was medium, with the chocolate flavor lasting 30 to 35 seconds after the chocolate was gone. The final aftertaste was somewhat acidic and slightly tannin.

You can purchase Madagascar 67% online for $7.99 directly from Patric or, to combine it with other brands of chocolate, for $7.95 from Chocosphere or for $7.99 from Chocolopolis or World Wide Chocolate.

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