Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Bonnat Trinité

Lindy's Rating: 5.0 (previously **)
Richard's Rating: 5.5 (previously **)

chocolate makerBonnat
cacao trees(unknown)
size100g ~ 3.5oz
cocoa solids75%
added fatcocoa butter
other ingredients(none)
list priceN/A

colormedium brown
PANTONE 19-1015
texturesmooth with text imprint and scoring
aromafloral, roast (coffee), earth (must), hint of sweet
tastecitrus (grapefruit), roast (smoke, coffee), earth, nut, bitter, hint of sweet
meltmore smooth

Bonnat Trinité was made from cacao beans from Trinidad. They probably used Trinitario cacao beans, but I did not get any confirmation of this. Trinité was a typical Bonnat chocolate, made with 75% cocoa solids from cacao, cocoa butter, and sugar. Formed into their traditional 100 gram bar, with the "BONNAT Voiron" imprint in the center and scored into 32 other pieces around it, Trinité was wrapped in silver foil inside a white paper sleeve. The best before date was July 2012.

This chocolate had a medium brown Bracken (PANTONE 19-1015) color and a hard snap. The aroma was a combination of floral, roast, and earth. We didn't identify the floral scent, but agreed that the earth was a must. I smelled the roast as that of coffee and also detected a bit of sweetness.

The taste included flavors of citrus, roast, and some earth. Some bitterness was also present, as well as a hint of sweetness. The citrus revealed itself over time as a yellow grapefruit flavor. I identified the roast as smoke and coffee. Lindy also tasted a roasted nut.

Trinité had a melt that was more than just smooth. However, Lindy found a hard, crunchy granule in each of the two pieces she tasted. The flavor lasted only about 10 to 15 seconds after the chocolate was gone, giving a short length. The finish was bitter, and not just a little.

You can purchase Bonnat Trinité online for $7.85 in the U.S. from Chocosphere (though they are temporarily out of stock) or for £4.95 in the U.K. from Mortimer & Bennett.

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