Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Claudio Corallo 100% Puro Cacau

Richard's Rating: 5.0
chocolate makerClaudio Corallo
bar100% Puro Cacau
regionSão Tomé e Principe
plantationTerreiro Velho
cacao treesForastero
size50g ~ 1.8oz
cocoa solids100%
added fat(none)
other ingredients(none)
list priceN/A
colormedium-dark brown
PANTONE 19-1314
Seal Brown
texturesmooth, uneven shape and size, uneven grayish tone, adhered bits
aromaroast, acidic, spice, fruit, earth
tastesour, chalky, spice, tannin, roast (malt, tea, cocoa), bitter
meltmore smooth
finishastringent, tannin, acidic, somewhat sour
Claudio Corallo crafts his chocolate from tree to bar with cacao grown on his plantations in São Tomé e Principe. Corallo does not conche his chocolate, which tends to leave it with a less smooth melt and sharper flavor.

100% Puro Cacau was made only with cacao from the Terreiro Velho plantation on Principe, with no other added ingredients. Two bars totalling 50 grams came packaged in a single sealed plastic wrapper. The best before date was October 2014.

The two bars were individually uneven and completely different in size, with one less than half the thickness of the other. The color was a medium-dark brown Seal Brown (PANTONE 19-1314). The surface had a grayish tone and there were bits of adhered chocolate.

The aroma was acidic, and contained scents of roast, spice, fruit, and earth. On one occasion, I thought I smelled berry.

The taste of 100% Puro Cacau began gradually with sour and spice flavors along with chalkiness. Tannin grew quite strong with a complex roast of malt, black tea, and cocoa. A little bitterness was present as well.

This chocolate had a melt that was more smooth. The length was medium, with the chocolate flavor lasting 30 to 35 seconds after the chocolate was gone. The final aftertaste was astringent, tannin, acidic, and somewhat sour.

Claudio Corallo 100% Puro Cacau has no list price, and I could not find it available for purchase online anywhere. I purchased this one from Chocolopolis for $12.50, but they do not sell it online. QuintEssenz has it priced for €5.95 but they have none in stock, and only ship to Germany and Austria.


  1. I had this bar recently, but didn't find the melt to be smooth -- not grainy, but rough.

  2. The Meadow generally has Claudio Corallo in stock in their stores and you can order it over the phone.

  3. Since this week you can easily order via the website!