Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Francois Pralus Indonésie

Lindy's Rating: 7.5
Richard's Rating: 7.5

chocolate makerPralus
cacao treesCriollo
size100g ~ 3.5oz
cocoa solids75%
added fatcocoa butter
emulsifiersoy lecithin
other ingredients(none)
list price€4,00

colormedium-dark brown
PANTONE 19-1317
Bitter Chocolate
texturescuffed, but otherwise smooth with text imprint and scoring
aromaroast (smoke), earth, overripe fruit
tasteroast (cocoa), fruit (cherry, cranberry, citrus), tart, hint of sweet
meltmore smooth
finishslightly sour, very slightly acidic
Indonésie is another single origin chocolate bar from French chocolate maker Francois Pralus. The Criollo cacao beans for this chocolate came from from the island of Java in Indonesia. The chocolate was made with 75% cocoa solids (including added cocoa butter), sugar and soy lecithin, as is typical of Pralus.

The 100 gram bar was formed into the traditional Pralus shape: a thick bar with a cursive Pralus imprint in the unscored bottom right quadrant and the rest scored into 24 pieces. The bar was then wrapped with gold foil and enclosed in a paper cover. The best before date on the chocolate we reviewed was 18 March 2013.

The color of the chocolate was a medium-dark brown Bitter Chocolate (PANTONE 19-1317). The surface was smooth, but very scuffed. The bar had a hard snap. Aromas from Indonésie included a smoky roast, earthiness, the scent of overripe fruit. The earthy smell was strongest. We couldn't quite nail down the overripe fruit: I thought it might be melon with a hint of cherry; Lindy thought it might be a pit fruit.

Indonésie tasted initially of a cocoa roast. I also noticed a bit of coffee in the roast. It was soon followed by unfolding fruits: we both experienced cherry, Lindy detected some additional red fruit, I tasted some cranberry and citrus. Flavors of tartness and a hint of sweetness were also present.

The melt was better than usual, and came in as more smooth. The length was medium, with the chocolate flavor lasting 20-25 seconds after the chocolate was gone. The final aftertaste was slightly sour and very slightly acidic.

You can purchase Francois Pralus Indonésie online for €4,00 directly from Pralus. The best deal online in the U.S. is for $7.99 at Chocolopolis. In the U.K., you can buy it online for £5.25 from Chocolate Trading Co.

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