Monday, November 21, 2011

Ranking: best Colombia single origin chocolate

In a head to head comparison, I retasted the five single origin chocolate bars made from Colombia cacao that were on our Best Chocolates Overall list (i.e., those with average ratings of 7.0 or higher).

Although I personally preferred the flavor of Santander Colombian 70% to that of Santander Colombian 65%, I felt the latter had a slightly more interesting taste and less tannin in the finish, so I ranked it higher. Similarly, Guittard Chucuri was too sweet for me and I personally would buy Pralus Colombie before it, but I found Chucuri's aroma and flavor to be a bit more complex than that of Colombie. In any case, my final ranking was:

  1. Domori Teyuna
  2. Santander Colombian 65%
  3. Santander Colombian 70%
  4. E. Guittard Chucuri
  5. Francois Pralus Colombie
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