Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chocolate Bar Reviews now directly accessible

I put together a permanent index page (like a site map for chocolate bar reviews), with small pictures and links to all of the chocolate bars we've reviewed. It is organized alphabetically by chocolate maker. This page can be accessed by the Chocolate Bar Reviews link in the Pages section on the top right.

In addition to those bars we've already reviewed, I've included placeholders for bars that we expect to review in the next month or two (review coming soon) as well as those we do not yet know when we'll review (not reviewed).

I also have yet to add some of the new chocolate makers we met at the Northwest Chocolate Festival. I anticipate adding them to that page this weekend.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed our first chocolate maker profile (of Kallari). I hope to post a few more of them before the month is over.


  1. This is an awesome addition to your already very helpful blog. This list makes it much easier to see what bars you've reviewed. The wrapper pictures are really cool too!

  2. Thanks Lowe. We had noticed that searching with labels or with the search gadget weren't as helpful as we wanted for finding reviews, so we decided to add the Chocolate Bar Reviews page. I'm glad you like it!