Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sale: Green & Black's (and Lindt) 2 for $4

Walgreens is have a sale starting tomorrow, Sunday, March 27th, through Saturday, April 2nd, on Green & Black's, Lindt, and Dove chocolate bars: 2 for $4. This is a good price for Green & Black's Organic Dark bars.

Although the sale officially begins tomorrow, it seems to be available for online purchases starting today. Unfortunately, they only have one Green & Black's bar online -- the Organic Dark 70% (more are available in some stores). They have several Lindt bars online and some Dove bars. Shipping to the continental United States is free with purchase of $25 or more.

For more info on the four of these bars we've reviewed, here are direct links:
Green & Black's Organic Dark 70%
Green & Black's Organic Dark 85%
Lindt Excellence 70%
Lindt Excellence 85%

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