Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blind Chocolate Tasting

Taking inspiration from Bernt's blog, The Quest for the World's Best Chocolate Bar, I'm facilitating a blind chocolate tasting this evening.

Before everyone arrives, I will break up seven artisan dark chocolate bars, each from a different region of the world: Africa, Central America, Ecuador, Madagascar, South America, Southeast Asia, and Venezuela. The seven participants other than me will have no information about the chocolates (other than perhaps the chocolate maker, from any imprints). The chocolates will simply be numbered 1 through 7.

We'll review each chocolate in turn, using bread and water to cleanse our palates between them. To help identify various aromas and flavors, I put together a tasting reference, which I have added to this blog as a separate page.

I'll post the results of the blind tasting, as well as individual reviews of the various chocolate bars by Lindy and I over the course of the next several days.

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