Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rogue Sambirano won award and free shipping on $20 purchase

Rogue Chocolatier's Sambirano chocolate bar was among the winners in the chocolate category at the 2011 Good Food Awards.
In celebration, Rogue is offering free shipping on online orders of $20 or more for the rest of January. Free shipping is normally only available for orders of $40 or more. The $10 shipping charge is automatically removed once your order reaches $20.

This is a great opportunity to purchase small quantities of Rogue's excellent chocolate bars. We highly recommend the Hispaniola, Piura, and Sambirano bars, and you can find them among the bars we like best (Richard's Favorites and Lindy's Favorites). The fourth bar made by Rogue, the Rio Caribe is also good, but we felt it was not in the same category as the other three. I'll post a review of Rio Caribe tomorrow. You can read our reviews of each of Rogue's chocolate bars here or by clicking on Rogue in the Labels section.

Unfortunately, they are presently out of stock of the Piura bar (you'll get a message in your shopping cart in the top left if you try to add it). Buying one of each of Rogue's other three bars totals $20.97, which qualifies for free shipping, so you may want to try all three.

Follow this link directly to Rogue's product page to shop online: http://www.roguechocolatier.com/products-page/

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