Friday, June 6, 2014

International Chocolate Awards 2014 European Semi-Final Winners

The International Chocolate Awards announced the 2014 winners of the European semi-finals. Here are the unflavored dark chocolate bar winners. National awards were given when at least 10 entries from a country were submitted in the category.

GOLD: Bonnat Kaori
GOLD: Friis-Holm Johe 70%
SILVER: Friis-Holm Nicaliso 70%
SILVER: Friis-Holm Chuno Triple Turned 70%
SILVER: Bonnat Libanio
BRONZE: Åkesson's Bali Sukrama Farms
BRONZE: Red Star Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo 72%

High Percentage
GOLD: Åkesson's Madagascar Ambolikapiky 100%
BRONZE: Francois Pralus Le 100% Madagascar

BRITAIN GOLD: Red Star Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo 72%
FRANCE GOLD: Bonnat Kaori

Note that Åkesson's chocolate is made by Pralus and Friis-Holm chocolate is made by Bonnat.

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