Saturday, October 4, 2014

Northwest Chocolate Festival Awards

The awards were announced Friday night for the 2014 Northwest Chocolate Festival. There were three judged categories (Single Origin, Milk Chocolate and Inclusions) and three non-judged awards.

In the judged Single Origin category, the winners were:

In the judged Milk Chocolate category, the winner was:
  • GOLD: Fruition Marañón 68%

In the judged Inclusions (flavored chocolate) category, the winners were:
  • GOLD: Madre Coconut Milk and Carmelized Ginger 55%
  • SILVER: Manoa Breakfast Bar 60%
  • BRONZE: Chocolate Naive Tahini and Sesame

They also gave out non-judged awards:

You can still buy tickets at the door for this weekend ($30 for a day pass) at Pier 66 (the Bell Harbor Center) in Seattle.

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