Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surprise and delight!

About two months ago, Seattle's best artisan chocolate store, Chocolopolis, had their second anniversary. They celebrated with a week of daily free chocolate tastings of some of the great chocolate makers: Amano, Cluizel, Corallo, Pralus, and Valrhona.

I purchased several chocolate bars that week, and only yesterday opened the last of them, a 2009 Valrhona Gran Couva. To my astonishment and great delight, there was a golden ticket inside...

During their anniversary week of tastings, Chocolopolis placed three golden tickets in bars of chocolates they were selling. The winners are gifted each week for the year with their choice of any one bar of chocolate!

I'm so excited about going to their store today and picking out my first bar!

Artisan chocolates are quite expensive, typically $6 to $12 for a bar of only a few ounces of chocolate. As a result, I've been reluctant to purchase bars that I haven't already tasted, so this is a spectacular opportunity to try many different chocolates.


  1. Have you been to the Theo Chocolate Factory tour? I went for the first time last Friday with a friend from out of town and we had a blast! Plus it was very informative .... and I won't say more :)

  2. Hi Ana,

    Thanks for writing and mentioning Theo (! I have been on their factory tour. They are one of the few bean-to-bar chocolatiers in the United States, and the only one that is organic and fair trade. It's great having them here in Seattle.

    They have several interesting custom flavored chocolate bars. Now that I'm blogging about chocolate, I'm just going to have to buy their Madagascar 74% and Costa Rica 91% and formally taste them again :)

  3. Richard, I'm so excited for you! I can't think of another person who would enjoy this prize as much as you. I look forward to reading about your chocolate tastings.

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