Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Bonnat Porcelana

Lindy's Rating: 9.5 (previously ***)
Richard's Rating: 8.5 (previously ***)

chocolate makerBonnat
cacao trees(unknown)
size100g ~ 3.5oz
cocoa solids75%
added fatcocoa butter
other ingredients(none)
list priceN/A

colormedium brown
PANTONE 19-1015 Bracken
texturesmooth with text imprints and scoring
aromastrawberry, spice
snapvery hard
tastebutter, toast, raisin or grapes
finishashy, slightly bitter
MORE RECENT REVIEW: Bonnat Porcelana

The Bonnat Porcelana is the third bar made from Venezuelan Porcelana cacao beans that Lindy and I have reviewed.

The aroma of this Bonnat Porcelana bar was fairly typical of chocolate made from Porcelana cacao, smelling of strawberry and spice, similar to Domori's bar. The chocolate tasted of butter, bread, and something roasted, which we combined to describe as toast. I also noticed a flavor of raisin. Lindy detected a flavor of grapes.

Unfortunately, the flavor of this chocolate faded relatively quickly, lacking the length of both the Domori and Amedei Porcelanas.

Like the other Porcelana bars, the Bonnat is expensive. However, given its substantial 100 gram size, it is certainly less costly by weight than Amedei's 50 gram bar and Domori's 25 gram bar.

Bonnat Porcelana is available from Chocolopolis for $19.99.

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