Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overall chocolate rating rescaling complete

This evening I finished updating all of our prior reviews with the new 1.0 to 10.0 overall chocolate ratings. If you notice any without the updated overall rating, please let me know. I haven't yet updated our Best Chocolate Values page with the new ratings, but will do so soon.

Note that we also have a backlog of about half a dozen individual chocolate bar reviews to post, as well as another ranking (this one of chocolates made from 100% cacao), so expect more soon.


  1. I applaud your move to a 1-10 rating scale. This upgrade makes your ratings so much more useful (to me at least). Nice work! This is still my "go to" chocolate review source!

    P.S.- Good job on the pictures too. It sounds like Lindy does those.

  2. Thanks. Yes, Lindy takes nearly all of the pictures, and the best photos are all hers.