Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maker Profile: Indahphoria Chocolatier

company nameIndahphoria Chocolatier
chocolate maker
Aaron Koch
factory locationBend, OR, USA
factory toursno
direct online purchaseIndahphoria
direct storesN/A
retail store purchaseseveral stores in western U.S.
selling bars since2010
plantation barsnone
single origin barsDominican Republic
Papua New Guinea
blend barsnone
production cyclebean to bar
added fatcocoa butter
sweetenercoconut sugar
organicyes (not certified)
economicsfair trade (not certified)
last updatedFebruary 16, 2012

The name Indahphoria means Carry the Beauty. U.S. chocolate maker Aaron Koch founded Indahphoria Chocolatier in 2010 to hand-craft bean to bar organic chocolate infused with medicinal herbs. He also makes unflavored single origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic and Papua New Guinea. During a recent trip to Bali, he investigated sourcing cacao from Indonesia as well.

Indahphoria purchases cacao beans from a broker. The beans for its Dominican Republic bar originate from La Red cooperative.

Sharing a roaster in Eugene, OR, with John Nancy of Chocolate Alchemy, Aaron roasts his cacao beans at low temperatures to release flavors with minimal loss to the flavonoids and antioxidants.

He sweetens his unflavored chocolate using coconut sugar rather than cane sugar. The lower glycemic level of coconut sugar makes his chocolate accessible for diabetic consumers. The other ingredients he uses are cacao beans and cocoa butter made from those same beans. There are no added emulsifiers or flavorings. Although Indahphoria's chocolate is not certified, all of the ingredients are organic, and the cacao is purchased at fair trade prices.

You can buy Indahphoria chocolate online directly from Indahphoria.

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