Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ranking: best Dominican Republic single origin chocolate

Here are the ranking results from three rounds of tasting the Dominican Republic single origin chocolate bars we have reviewed.

  1. Amano Dos Rios
  2. Rogue Hispaniola
  3. Taza Stone Ground 70%
  4. Fresco 213
  5. Mast Brothers Dominican Republic
  6. Valrhona Grand Cru Ta—ónori
  7. Taza Stone Ground 60%
  8. Moonstruck Dominican Republic
  9. Taza Cacao Puro 70%
  10. Indahphoria Dominican Republic
  11. Taza Stone Ground 80%
  12. Godiva 85% Extra Dark Santo Domingo
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To see updated information and other rankings, go to our Chocolate Rankings page.

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