Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ranking: best raw chocolate

Here are the ranking results from three rounds of tasting the raw chocolate bars we have reviewed.

  1. Pacari Raw 70%
  2. Stirs the Soul Honey Dark
  3. Chocolate Conspiracy Dark Bar (note: grainy bits)
  4. Fearless Dark as Midnight
  5. Pacari Raw 85%
  6. Stirs the Soul ORIGINS Madagascar
  7. Stirs the Soul ORIGINS Ecuador
  8. Stirs the Soul Dark
  9. Stirs the Soul Blissful Dark
  10. Gnosis Dazzling Dark
  11. Fine & Raw 78%
  12. Gnosis Simplicity
Clicking on a name above will take you to the detailed review of that chocolate bar.
To see updated information and other rankings, go to our Chocolate Rankings page.

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