Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ranking: best Venezuela single origin chocolate

Here are my personal ranking results from four rounds of tasting most of the Venezuela single origin chocolate bars we have reviewed. We did not include Venezuelan Chuao or Porcelana chocolate in this ranking. They were ranked separately, as can be seen on our Chocolate Rankings page (which contains all of our rankings with current information).

I liked all of these chocolates, so being near the middle or bottom of this list does not mean the chocolate wasn't good, only that I thought the ones above it were better. Note also that the qualities of each chocolate differ, and you might prefer the flavor, aroma, or texture of a lower ranked chocolate to that of one ranked higher. Click on a name to see a detailed review of that chocolate bar.

  1. Patric Rio Caribe Superior
  2. Amano Montanya
  3. Amano Ocumare
  4. Amedei Cru Venezuela
  5. L'Amourette Carenero Superior
  6. Rogue Rio Caribe
  7. Michel Cluizel Concepcion
  8. Amano Cuyaga
  9. Bonnat Puerto Cabello
  10. Valrhona Palmira
  11. L'Amourette Chocolat Noir
  12. Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario
  13. EscazĂș Carenero Venezuela
  14. Dandelion Venezuela
  15. E. Guittard Sur del Lago
  16. Moonstruck Venezuela
  17. Chapon Venezuela

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