Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Academy of Chocolate 2013 Awards

The London Academy of Chocolate released their award winners for 2013.

Here are the winners in the bean to bar dark chocolate category:

Amedei Blanco de Criollo
Amedei Cru Madagascar
Bar au Chocolat Chiapas, Mexico 70%
Bar au Chocolat Sambirano Valley, Madagascar 70%
Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest 60%

Akesson's Madagascar
Amano Chuao
Amedei 9
Amedei Toscano Black 63%
Hotel Chocolat Rabot Marcial 70%
Marou Tien Giang 70%
Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66%
Potomac San Martin 70%
Tabago Estate 70%

Marou Ben Tre 78%
Oialla Dark 72%

Here's a link to the full lists of 2013 Award Winners in all of the categories.

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