Thursday, May 16, 2013

International Chocolate Awards 2013 Europe Semi-Finalists

The International Chocolate Awards have national and regional semi-final competitions throughout the year, followed by a world final in October in London. The full results of the Europe semi-finals were published this month, and here are all of the winners in the unflavored dark chocolate bar category.

GOLD: Bonnat Cacao Cusco
SILVER: Friis-Holm Barba 70%
SILVER: Bonnat Juliana
SILVER: Bonnat Porcelana
SILVER: Red Star Honduras Indio Rojo
SILVER: Friis-Holm Nicaliso 70%
NOMINATION: Bonnat Chuao
NOMINATION: Dolci Libertà Madagascar 68%
NOMINATION: Friis-Holm Medagla 70%
BRITAIN GOLD: Red Star Honduras Indio Rojo
DENMARK GOLD: Friis-Holm Barba 70%
FRANCE GOLD: Bonnat Cacao Cusco
SWITZERLAND GOLD: Idilio No. 1 Porcelana Criollo Puro

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  1. Bonnat - Haiti is perhaps my all-time favorite bar!