Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sale: Free Shipping at World Wide Chocolate

World Wide Chocolate has free UPS Ground shipping sale on all orders with no minimum purchase requirement. Even though their prices are typically a little higher than the least expensive online chocolate retailers, free shipping is a great deal for small orders.

This is also an excellent opportunity to pick up your favorite Amano, Amedei, Mad├ęcasse, Patric, and Potomac chocolate bars. World Wide Chocolate has competitive prices for these makers even without a sale, so free shipping makes them a bargain.

Use coupon code FREESHIPPING during checkout for this free shipping offer. This code is valid through Monday, October 14th has been extended through Monday, November 25th.


  1. It appears that WWC no longer stocks the Patric products.

    1. Thanks Mark. Fortunately, Patric is still available directly and at other retailers such as Chocosphere, Chocolopolis, Caputo's, The Meadow, and Cocova.