Sunday, September 16, 2012

List: Chocolate With No Exposure To Nuts

We received email from one reader asking about chocolate bars that have absolutely no exposure to peanuts (actually a legume, not a nut) and from another about any nuts at all.

People with severe food allergies need to avoid products not only that contain them as ingredients, but even that are manufactured on equipment with environmental exposure to them. For some, even trace amounts can be dangerous.

The following chocolate makers either indicate nut-free or at least have no warning on their wrappers about any potential presence of nuts. I tried to contact and confirm the complete absence of nuts with each of them, and discovered some additional info about potential tree nut exposure. I didn't hear back from Bonnat.

In addition to the list below, Potomac has one grinder that was formerly used with peanut butter. The grinder has since been thoroughly cleaned many times and is now used only occasionally for small batches. Due to that potential exposure, though, I excluded them from the list.

Remember to always carefully review all labeling before purchasing any chocolate, as previously safe chocolate may no longer be so.

Makers With Chocolate Bars Not Exposed To Nuts

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